Music Of the Jazz Club

The music we all heard at Redcar Jazz Club has become classic. Styles evolved so quickly from the Trad Jazz popular when the club began after white boys in the cellar clubs of 60’s London began to adopt American blues & R&B & soul. Once it had gained a foothold in the capital, the music filtered north, within a few short but fantastic years morphed into blues rock, progressive and heavy rock. What is so interesting is that, with the exception of straight pop, the club mined the seams of all these types of music and attracted audiences for all of them through the 60s and on into the 70s.

We would like to remember that classic music here. We invite anyone to write a review of their favourite album by an artist they saw at the Jazz Club and send it in for publication on this page. The album must have been available when the reviewer saw the artist, which will also enable memories of their performance to be included.